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10 Ideas to keep kids busy during winter holidays

It's almost Christmas. While the festive spirit is surely magically and makes all of us look forward to it, I certainly feel the despair of parents especially those of school going children. I am listing out few ideas that could help engage your kids during Christmas holidays. Set up a Christmas tree Talking about Christmas, the first thing that comes to my mind is Christmas tree. Try setting up a tree along with your kids. It's not only fun, but also kindles the creativity in your kids. You can also try making your own Christmas ornaments using minimal craft items. If you live in apartments or don't have much space in your home, you may alternatively try setting up a wall Christmas tree. Check out the video below on making Christmas ornaments and how to set up a wall Christmas tree. Those festive lights inside your home will certainly warm up the place and your kids will cherish those lovely moments.  Bake Christmas treats Baking doesn't need any occasion. Does it? The

Winter Worksheets for Kids

I have specially designed the below worksheets for toddlers, focusing on educating and entertaining them at home. These worksheets are free. So you can download, print or use it online. These worksheets are designed in such a way it covers English, Maths, critical thinking, colouring and fun holiday activities. All pictures in these worksheets are designed in black and white, so that your kid can enjoy colouring them in addition to the activity it is meant for.  To top it all, these worksheets are free. So you can download, print or use it online. Hope you and your kid like these worksheets. If you do, please share this webpage with others who might like them too!! It is winter and the holiday season is around the corner. Nothing beats enjoying the coziness of the home while enjoying the festive spirit and welcoming the grand new year. So here is my first set of worksheets for this WINTER, for your kids to have fun while learning, during their holiday break. Many worksheets are yet to