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Budget-friendly cookware in Canada

Today's post is for students, bachelors and families, who are new to Canada or planning to come to Canada. Do note, this article is purely based on my personal experience. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, if you buy through the links I have mentioned in this article. While moving to Canada with my family, I was looking for some pointers to buy essential cookware at an affordable price. But whenever I searched online, I stumbled upon brands like Lagostina, Paderno, Tfal, Kirkland etc., which were priced more than $150 for a cookware set. Undoubtedly, all these are popular brands, but I didn't intend to invest in them, given our short stint at Canada. Also I had to spend additionally for a griddle (tawa) and an electric cooker. So I started off exploring, slowly by adding kitchenware suitable for our everyday cooking. My quest resulted in some great finds, that were economical too😊These items should be appropriate for students, bachelors or small familie

Postpartum Care

Hello New Momma, Congratulations on becoming a Mom. This phase is very exciting and equally overwhelming, as you get to spend many joyful moments with the little one. Of course those sleepless nights and the bodily changes after delivery can't be ignored and could be physically and mentally exhaustive. It takes few days to weeks to get into a routine with added responsibilities of caring for the baby.  The period starting immediately after labor is referred to as Postpartum and usually lasts up to 6 weeks since delivery. During this phase, most of the new mothers don't focus on themselves. But it is very important to take the time and effort to attend to yourself!!  Follow me on  Instagram  and  Facebook  to get notified about my latest articles!! Let us take a quick look at the Dos and Don'ts and common symptoms, post delivering the baby. Dos: Take sufficient rest: Your body has gone through a lot of changes over the last 10 months and it takes time to heal. Rest is obvio

Book: A Promised Land, by Barack Obama

"A Promised Land" is a political memoir written by the 44th President of United States – Mr. Barack Obama. It is quite a voluminous book with 902 pages (cover to cover), 689 pages (excluding photograph inserts, acknowledgements, credits and index). But an autobiography of a former US President of such stature, who has done tremendous work during two terms of his Presidency, it is obvious. And hang in there - this is just the first volume of the title. Though I planned to finish reading this book by end of 2021, I took a little more than 4 months to complete. I started to read the autobiography precisely the same time I started this blog, so most of my personal time went into learning, building, writing, editing, proof-reading and re-reading my work and hence the delay in completing this wonderful book.                                                        In this volume, Mr. Obama details his personal life, career before politics, political career, campaigns, all prominent e

Recipe: Sweet Paratha or Meeta Paratha

Parathas are Punjabi's staple food and there are many varieties of them based on the stuffing used. We can make stuffing out of aloo (potato), paneer (cottage cheese), ajwain (carom seeds), gobi (cauliflower), mooli (radish), mixed vegetable, dal (lentil), sugar etc.  In this post, I am sharing the recipe of sweet paratha, which is known as meeta paratha. There are different ways to prepare this paratha, by stuffing plain sugar or jaggery or by combining them with powdered dry fruits etc. I am going to describe parathas with stuffing made out of chana dal and jaggery. These parathas will be very soft, sweet and also nutritious with a good mix of protein, iron and fiber. They can be eaten for break fast, lunch, dinner or as an evening snack too.  Most important aspect of making stuffed parathas is the way stuffing is placed inside the dough. The video at the end of this article shows one of the methods. With little practice, you can become a pro!!!