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Tips to shop at Costco

I know many families who visit Costco every weekend as a customary trip, to buy their weekly requirement of groceries as well as enjoy a satisfying meal at Costco's food court. It is my guilty pleasure to visit Costco at least once a month, if not every alternate week. I won't mind if you tag me as a Costco fan, as I don't see a reason, why I shouldn't be. Costco is a one stop shop to cater to literally all basic necessities to run a house - food, furniture, gas, electronics, decorative items, vehicle accessories, pharmacy, travel and a lot more. If you could spend mindfully without getting overwhelmed by the wide range of products displayed in its humongous warehouse, you could save your bucks considerably. Here are my few tips to make the most out of your shopping experience with Costco. Gold Vs Executive Membership: Of course, with a Costco membership (Gold at $60 per annum), you get access to all the products in its warehouse. With an executive membership ($120 per

Winter Special - Besan ka Halwa

Though we are miles away from home, we usually celebrate all the Indian festivals in the way best possible. This year too, we celebrated both Lohri and Makara Sankranthi keeping up with the Punjabi-Telugu tradition. Undoubtedly, the celebrations don't have the same pomp and fun usually the festival brings along with it, in India. Every festival I celebrate away from home, takes me back in time and I end up musing over the fun we had while growing up with my family, cousins and relatives and Makara Sankranthi this year isn't any different. For the uninitiated, Lohri/ Makara Sankranthi is the harvest festival celebrated in India. It is known by different names in different states. Irrespective of the slightly varied rituals, Sun is the main deity worshipped during this festival along with the cattle group who are considered the farmers' friends who assist them in farming. Bonfire, kite flying, vibrant rangolis, bright traditional wear and lip smacking elaborate festive food a

My holiday read - American as Paneer Pie

Hello Readers, Wish you all a very Happy New Year. Hope you all had wonderful holidays and New Year celebrations with your friends and family!! My kid was down with fever due to viral infection and obviously was crankier than usual. So we mostly stayed indoors, except for a hospital visit and a drive to a park to see Christmas lights. Otherwise we were at home most of the time, as the weather wasn't also favorable due to snow storm and rains.   I would still say my holiday break was good as I spent most of the leisure time reading. I read 2 books and one among those is "American as Paneer Pie", the topic for today's post. Other one was a mystery novel titled "The case of The Maybe Babies" and loved it too. During a library visit, just before our India trip, I noticed "American as Paneer Pie" in the children fiction section and thought it was mistakenly placed there. Instantly, I decided to read it as it was the first time ever I found books by Indi