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Public libraries in Ontario

A library is a powerhouse of knowledge and plays a very important role in shaping an entire society.  There is a famous quote by H.W. Beecher - "A library is not a luxury, but one of the necessities of life".  True to that, Canada houses more than 600 public libraries. Out of these, more than 250 are in Ontario. Moreover, Ontario houses one of the largest public library systems in Canada - The Toronto Public Library. It has 100 branches and is acclaimed as the largest neighbourhood-based library system in the world.  The first free public libraries in Ontario were set up in the year 1883 in Toronto and Guelph. Ontario's public libraries are governed by Ontario's Public Library Act (PLA). Its objective is to provide equal and universal access to information and establish free public library services in Ontario through governance and regulations. Almost every city in Ontario has a public library system. These library services aren't just limited to providing free ac

Review: The Fame Game (web series)

The Fame Game, is an Indian web series released on Netflix in late February 2022. It is has 8 episodes of 45mins each (on an average). If you haven't watched yet, you can still read through this post. No spoilers involved.  I know, this review is coming late. Honestly, I don't prefer web series, as we have to invest a lot of time for watching. So obviously, this one wasn't on my watch list. Accidentally, one day, I read somewhere that this series depicts the life of a famous Bollywood heroine. Isn't this not sufficient to arouse the much needed curiosity?😜                                                  ( The official poster of 'The Fame Game'. Credit: IMDb) One Friday night, after a very hectic week, I sat down to relax and pamper myself with a good movie and The Fame Game trailer flashed on Netflix. I convinced yours-truly to just check out the first 10 minutes of the series and ended up watching 4 episodes straight and had to switch off the TV as it was al

What is in a diaper bag?

Hello Momma, are you heading out with your tiny tot to the park or doctor's office or visiting your friend's family or going on a day trip? Wherever you go, don't miss out to bring your new companion -  the diaper bag .  It is a bag with multiple compartments to organize all the essentials of baby and mom while travelling short distances. If you prefer, you may carry your belongings separately. However I don't like to handle too many bags while travelling with my kid and so I pack one bag for both of us. Follow me on  Instagram  and  Facebook  to get notified about my latest articles!! Diaper bag checklist: First, let us take a look at the items that have to be in a diaper bag. Diapers:  Pack a diaper for every 2-3 hours you plan to spend outside. Once you are familiar with your child's routine (specifically their poop timings), you will know how many diapers to carry. But always carry 2 additional diapers for contingency. Once you are out with a kid, be prepared fo

Recipe: Mor kuzhambu

Today, I am sharing a recipe of Mor kuzhambu, a curry made out of buttermilk - Mor (buttermilk) + kuzhambu (curry), which is an authentic recipe from Tamil Nadu. There are many variations of curry prepared using curd/ buttermilk across India like majjiga pulusu (Andhra Pradesh, Telangana), pulissery (Kerala), majjige huli (Karnataka), kadhi (Punjab) etc.  I am a big fan of Saravana Bhavan mor kuzhambu, made with ground spices and sour buttermilk. The Saravana Bhavan at our office cafeteria used to serve delicious mor kuzhambu every Thursday as part of its South Indian Thali menu. Whenever I could, I used to skip bringing lunch from home, to savor Saravana Bhavan's mor kuzhambu with hot steamed rice.  Ground spices and sour curd/ buttermilk are the heart of this curry.  I tried my hands at different proportions of spices and finally arrived at the best version, which I am posting today. Do give it a try and share your feedback in comments section. You can add vegetables like bottle