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Ragi sangati in pressure cooker (Ragi mudda/Ragi Balls)

Ragi sangati, also called Ragi mudda is a staple food of people in many parts of Andhra-Telangana states (in India). It is also consumed everyday in majority of southern Karnataka and few places in Tamil Nadu. In these states, it is known as ragi mudde and ragi kali respectively. Often accompanied by a side dish like gravy, curry, dal or just chutney, it makes for a hearty and nutritious meal. Ragi sangati is often considered a farmer's meal as it keeps them full for longer duration and energetic at work throughout the day.   So, what is Ragi sangati and how is it healthy? Ragi, the super grain is a millet variety and is known as finger millet in English. Ragi is rich in dietary fibre, protein, potassium, calcium, iron and vitamins like thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin C and E, making it a nutrition power house. Regular intake of ragi flour helps to improve bone density, overall heart health, bowel movement and regulate blood sugar levels. Because of its fibre content, it help

P for Patience - P for Potty Training

Babies aren't all smiles, giggles and hugs. Roll up your sleeves and be prepared to get your hands dirty and train yourself to be smell resistant. Yes, we are talking about diapering your child!! Initial few months after birth, babies "drink milk, pee and poop and sleep" and this cycle goes on for n-number of times in a day. That means you end up having 7-10 diaper changing sessions on an average in a day, until your child turns 1. And good part is the frequency of pee and poop gradually reduces as the little one grows and is fully potty trained.  Potty training is not only a big milestone for the child but for the parents too. But this doesn't happen overnight. Some may be full trained before completing 2 years and some might not be ready until 3 or even 4 years. Again there is no set guidelines to train them. Each child is different. We need to figure out what suits him/ her the best. And it needs constant effort and lots of patience.  Who doesn't like to travel